Prof. Zhang Ge was invited to attend Xiang Shan Science Conference (the 620th academic seminar) and give a special report

April 17, 2018

The Xiang Shan Science Conference (the 620th academic seminar) was held in Beijing in April 11-12, 2018. Xiang Shan Science Conference is a high-level, multi-disciplinary, and small-scale permanent academic conference of the scientific and technological circles in China that aim to explore the frontiers of science and promote knowledge innovation. This academic conference was designed to discuss the topic of ‘High static magnetic field and Life and Healthy: New conditions, new problems, and new opportunities’. Prof. Zhang Ge, the deputy director of TMBJ, was invited to attend this conference and give a special report entitled ‘Local high static magnetic field around osteosarcoma facilitates Iron oxide nanoparticles specifically targeting osteosarcoma tissue to inhibit tumor development, which could be further reinforced by peroxide-related agents’.





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