Welcome to visit homepage of Institute for 'Advancing Translational Medicine in Bone & Joint Diseases (TMBJ)'. Through this website, we hope to provide you with more information and resource that will assist you in acquiring knowledge about translational medicine in bone & joint diseases as well as getting to know our institute and also share some data service in the meanwhile.

The TMBJ is to function as a unit to integrate academic resource (infrastructure and expertise) and industrial network to facilitate development of innovative bioinformatics approach to drug discovery, novel biological reagents, unique therapeutic agents, advanced bio-imaging modalities and new biomaterials for diagnosis, prevention and treatment toward Phase-I clinical trials and commercialization in bone & joint diseases.

You are warmly welcomed to join or collaborate with us. The TMBJ can provide you a platform to show your intellect and create novel thoughts.


Director of Institute for Advancing Translational Medicine in Bone & Joint Diseases

Chair Professor of Integrated Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Dean of School of Chinese Medicine

September 1st, 2012