Law Sau Fai Institute for Advancing Translational Medicine in Bone & Joint Diseases (TMBJ)' in Hong Kong Baptist University is initiated by Prof. Aiping Lu (M.D., Ph.D.), the Chair Professor of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine from School of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong Baptist University. TMBJ was established on September 1st, 2012. Prof. Aiping Lu is the Director of TMBJ.

The mission of the TMBJ is to improve quality of life at bone & joint aspects for the people in Hong Kong, mainland China and all over the world to demonstrate its leading role and reputation of Hong Kong Baptist University in this field, which also aims to meet the requirement of ‘Innovative Research’ by ‘Strategic Themes and Actions in Vision 2020 in Hong Kong Baptist University’.

The objective of the TMBJ is to provide multidisciplinary scientists from Faculty of Science and School of Chinese Medicine a synergistic collaboration platform which efficiently and effectively translate basic scientific findings into knowledge that benefits patients with bone and joint diseases, which is often described as an effort to carry scientific knowledge ‘from bench to bedside’. To achieve the objective, the TMBJ is to function as a unit to integrate academic resource (infrastructure and expertise) and industrial network to facilitate development of innovative bioinformatics approach to drug discovery, novel biological reagents, unique therapeutic agents, advanced bio-imaging modalities and new biomaterials for diagnosis, prevention and treatment toward Phase-I clinical trials and commercialization in bone & joint diseases.

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