M.Phil. student Dang Lei in TMBJ won the 1st Runner Up at the

June 24, 2016

Innovation and technology are the driving forces behind Hong Kong’s sustainable development and the key factors in strengthening our industrial competitiveness. While innovative talents are the top most important resources in the development of the innovation and technology industries. The “Challenge Cup” National Competition- Hong Kong Regional Final is an opportunity for academic exchanges and also a platform for the search of innovative talents from the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. Due to the outstanding work on the project ‘A Delivery System Specifically Approaching Bone Resorption Surfaces to Facilitate Therapeutic Modulation of MicroRNAs in Osteoclasts’, Ms. Dang Lei has won the 1st Runner Up at the "Entrepreneurship Challenge Cup" - China Competition - Hong Kong stage 2016 today. 



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