Prof. Zhang Ge and other TMBJ members attended the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) 2015 annual meeting in Seattle from October 8-12

October 17, 2015

Recently, Prof. Zhang Ge and his team members Dr. Li Defang, Dr. He Xiaojuan, Dr. Li Fangfei, Dr. He Yixin, Mr. He Bing, Mr. Liang Chao and Mr. Liu Jin attended the 2015 ASBMR annual meeting in Seattle, U S A from October 8-12. At the meeting, Dr. Li Defang introduced his study entitled “Osteoclast-derived Exosomal MiR-214 Inhibits Osteoblastic Bone Formation” and received the Young Investigator Award for his excellent work. Mr. Liang Chao made a poster presentation on “Disocovery of Small Molecules to Promote BMP Signaling and Bone Formation”. Mr. Liu Jin made a poster presentation on “Osteoclastic MiR-214 Targets PTEN to Increase Bone Resorption” and received the Young Investigator Travel Grant. 


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